New Grappling Class

Grappling & GroundworkSome great news…we are starting a new grappling class! It will just be a half hour class on Thursdays at 9pm, after the main class. We shall be doing it in Cobra Gym (along the corridor from Studio 1). I’m also pleased to say the extra session will come at no extra cost, as I’ve been able to secure a reasonable hire rate.

Grappling is an important part of streetfighting…from stand-up clinch through to groundwork. As a lot of grapplers say, “most fights end on the floor” (although stand-up guys would say “don’t go to ground”). Either way, you’ve got to know how to put your opponent on the floor and what to do when your backside hits the deck!

The class will be a short session, for all levels, where we shall work on a few techniques followed by a few rounds of light sparring. The techniques will be based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Jeet Kune Do (JKD), MMA and Thai Clinch, all with our usual Bushin streetfighting flavour. It will be an open and informal format where we shall all try and grow and better ourselves.

The first session will be on 6th March.

Let’s get rolling!

KT-MMA Fight Night

KTMMA-USA-vs-England-flier-WEB-723x1024There is a KT-MMA fight night on 1st March if you are interested in going. KT-MMA is a new fight tournament created by Tim Izli from Cobra Gym. It consists of 1 round kickboxing and 1 round of MMA, to make sure that the fight is lively, unlike a lot of cage fights these days.

Tickets are £40 (£100 ringside) and the doors open at 6pm. It’s at the Porchester Hall in Bayswater. If you want to go, please let me know and I’ll sort out a ticket.

It’s the second one they’ve done and the first was by all accounts explosive…

Details here:

Back At It

Great to be back to the class tonight after my jaunt round Africa. Nice to see some improvement so clearly Jason put through some paces. Nice full class and energy tonight working jab combos. Welcome to new joiners Daryl, Eduardo and Adi. With January too they seem to be coming in threes.