Bushin 4th Anniversary

We are having our 4th anniversary on 17th October. As usual we shall focus on fighting and eating – having a special training session followed by a slap-up dinner. We are going to our favourite restaurant Preto, the Brazilian steakhouse which is around the corner from the QM centre. It’s a buffet and carvery where you can eat as much as you like for £20. If you want to go, please let me know asap so we can book. If you don’t, I will assume you aren’t coming.

Newcomers Descend

Lots of newcomers braved the session at Bushin tonight, which was nice to see. Was a packed class with the regulars as well. Some real potential talent. I put my best smile on, didn’t swear or make any rude jokes so let’s hope they come back!


Really impressive Thai class tonight working mawashi geri (turning kicks) into low and the body. Mixing up with toma geri (stop kick) and opposite hand attacks. As usual Thai is powerful, slower, but very difficult to read well when done right. Lots of solid kicks and not many bruises…the way to improve. Next class will be a Newcomers Session but open to all for more sweat and smiles.

Newcomers session – Thurs 19th Sept

Banner - Join usNext Thursday (19th Sept) we are having a special session for newcomers to introduce Bushin and try this great martial art. This will be for beginners and experienced artists alike and a perfect chance to give it a go. So if you want to have a good sweat, gain some streetfighting skills and have fun, then come along. To get the benefit of nearly 30 years’ martial arts experience, all you have to do is get off the sofa, put your gym kit on and walk through the door. The rest is easy!

If you signed up for a free trial but were unable to make it, this is a good chance to redeem yourself. Come along and join the fun.

It will be at our usual spot – 7.30pm in Studio 1 (downstairs) at the Queen Mother Sports Centre.

Hope to see you then!