Grading Practise

Just a reminder that the grading will be on Sunday 2nd June at 2-5pm. Make sure you turn up in good time to warm up etc. as we start at 2pm promptly.

Grading Practise

Keep going through your syllabus and practising at home. Make sure you learn all the words and know all the techniques. If you are getting stuck on basics, kata or ukemi please check the videos on the YouTube account via the website.

We shall be spending the next few weeks concentrating on grading practise so make sure you attend every class if you want to grade. I shall be doing mini tests closer to the day as well to check your standard, so please make sure you study hard.

Pre-Grading Practise

I have also booked the Cobra Gym for the usual pre-grading practise at 5-7pm on Saturday 1st June. It’s an open session for you to get some last minute practise in. It’s well worthwhile to go along to make sure you pass!

Post-Grading Dinner

If there is enough interest we shall be going for a bite to eat in Nando’s after the grading for those that would like to come along. A good chance to refuel and compare war wounds.

Bushin Blog: 2 May 2013

What a great sparring seminar. We worked the 5 ways to attack, different rules and contact until the tshirts were dripping wet. Then close quarter boxing and 2-on-1 to make the lungs explode. Great class, great skills and lots of sweaty smiles. Well done everyone!