Bushin Blog: 29 December 2012

Diary Updated! Have sorted out the 2013 training programme. Some good seminars to look forward to. We shall be hosting another newcomers session on the Thurs 10th Jan and the next grading will be at the beginning of March as usual. If we have enough interest we may even run a summer camp this year. Enjoy!

Bushin Blog: 21 December 2012

Great xmas closing session last night. Quieter than previous years but made up with quality. We worked on dealing with a head down attacker before moving into the brutal filipino dirty boxing. Then guillotines and arm bar takedowns and pins. Then we finished off with our closing ceremony using sake to restore the blood supply. This year, in true Bushin fashion, we moved on from the buddhist tradition of stating name and rank, to stating something about 2012 and a goal for 2013. Lots of cryptic words to discuss at the dinner table…with a common theme being “pain” for 2012. Then our usual xmas blowout at the Preto Brazilian restaurant. Great night! I’ll be putting together the 2013 programme over the break. In the meantime, have a great xmas and fantastic new year!!