Bushin Blog: 24 November 2012

Training Bane style. With my new altitude training mask, weighted gloves and resistance bands. Gives a real good workout. I’ve trained at 3,500m at the footsteps of Machu Picchu and it nearly killed me. At 5,000m you have to sit down to take your jacket off. The mask ain’t quite as bad as that but it certainly burns the lungs! Check out the video on YouTube…

Video of Mask and Belt Training

Bushin Blog: 21 November 2012

Grading practise session booked! It will be at 5pm on Saturday 1st December in the Cobra Gym, the day before the grading. Its an open session for you to practise and as usual the cost of the room hire will be split by whoever turns up. Keep practicing and get as many hours in as you can.