Newcomers session

Next Thursday (1st Nov) we are having a special session for newcomers to introduce Bushin and try this great martial art. This will be for beginners and experienced artists alike and a perfect chance to give it a go. So if you want to have a good sweat, gain some streetfighting skills and have fun, then come along. To get the benefit of nearly 30 years’ martial arts experience, all you have to do is get off the sofa, put your gym kit on and walk through the door. The rest is easy!

As a special offer we are offering half price membership fees for those that sign up on the night! It will be at our usual spot – 7.30pm in Studio 1 (downstairs) at the Queen Mother Sports Centre.

Hope to see you then!

Bushin Trilogy

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!!

Great celebration last night and I had loads of fun. The last year has been tough but enjoyable. We’ve lost a few old faces but gained some great new ones. We re-branded, re-jigged the syllabus, won in our first competition and gained tremendously in skill and spirit. Bushin continues to improve and its great satisfaction for me to see everyone doing so well and achieving so much.

We had a full house last night and had great fun integrating ki work, dirty boxing, trapping and grappling all into sparring. Hard work but lots of fun. Then we ended on some advanced techniques turning attacks into counters, clinch, throws and ground locks. Then we finished up with some high level pressure point work to make us all squeal and squirm in pain and delight. We wrapped up by saying goodbye to Clayton, who will sadly be returning to Oz in the next few weeks.

The highlight of the night was Fiona randomly deciding to turn on her team mate Jason in the 2-on-1 sparring. Just wrong! However, she redeemed herself later as usual with downing a whole chocolate cake. Fantastic food at the restaurant afterwards and great to see so many smiling faces throughout the evening, old and new….Check out the photos on the Facebook group.

Here’s to the next one!