Grimaces, Grins & Groans

Thanks a million to everyone that came for the photoshoot. We got some great shots. A great balance of grimaces, grins and groans. Well done all!

Video Shoot – Tues 3rd July
I have now booked a date for the video shoot. This will be on Tuesday 3rd July at normal class time (8pm in Studio 2). Please make your best effort to attend as we need a full class….for those that couldn’t make the photo shoot this is a chance for you to redeem yourself!
Please make sure you are there on time for 8pm as well as we shall start shooting from start and for the whole class. It will pretty much be a normal class. Bring your Bushin t-shirt, pads, gloves and shins….plus dark shorts/trousers is best if you can and trainers.

Weapons Seminar – Thurs 5th July
We shall be doing a weapons seminar on Thurs 5th July. 7.30pm in Studio 1 as normal. The focus shall be stick and knife fighting and showing how they integrate into empty hand techniques. We shall draw in elements of Filipino Kali with a street flavour, along with the usual sparring games. Bring your sticks and knives if you have, but don’t worry if you don’t as I have lots of spares. Will be loads of fun!

Syllabus Changes
We are making some tweaks to the syllabus which I hope to finalise next week. Not a huge amount of change for most of you but making things better and more integrated. The net result is you will learn how to apply your techniques into more situations – trapping, pushing/sticking hands, clinch work and dirty boxing. Really good stuff to learn and takes your ability to a new level. Watch this space!

Grading – Sun 9th Sept
Next grading date will be Sunday 9th September, so put it in your dairy.

Happy training!

Bushin Streetfighters show Spirit

Grading – Congratulations to all that graded today! Another 10 fighters up to the next level, including Bushin’s first brown belts: Jason and Aeron. The level was very high and I’m pleased to see that the standard continues to improve. As always there are areas to work on but that is all part of the journey. The stand-out improver from the grading was Christophe who did his first martial art grading ever and kicked it off with a double. Also a shout out to Paul who showed great spirit, particularly against the mauling Stephen.

New Uniform – I am pleased to say we have now launched the new Bushin uniforms. Check out the photo to see the graders sporting the new and rather sexy Bushin t-shirts. True streetfighters! As of today we have switched to the new uniform. So please remember to bring your shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers to the next session…I will have your Bushin t-shirt, plus shin guards for those that wanted them.

Photoshoot – I have booked the venue for the photoshoot. It will be on the Sunday 24th June at the Pimlico Academy. Unfortunately I couldn’t get an afternoon slot so it will be an early start at 9am. It should take 2 or 3 hours and then we can go for lunch for those that want. I have a photographer lined up and there will be myself and Sensei Ian fronting the shots. The photos are very important as they will form the basis of our new website and promo material. I need everyone there to make the shots look good. Please let me if you can make it so I can prepare…

n.b. Pimlico Academy – Lupus Street, Pimlico SW1V 3AT (5 mins from Queen Mother Sports Centre). We will be in studio LO2.