Fighting the Good Fight

Reminder – Sparring Seminar next thurs 3rd May. Learn some techniques and tactics to bring your sparring up to a new level. Bring all your sparring kit and get ready to sweat!

12 tips to success:

1. Good stance – hands up at all times. Keep it tight.

2. Footwork & bodywork – never stop moving.

3. Breathe – feed your body to go the distance

4. Relax – keep the shoulders relaxed and the body loose.

5. Focus – keep eye contact and don’t let your mind drift.

6. No weakness. Always be confident and show no weakness even if you are tired, hurt or struggling.

7. Distance – mix it up and find the right range. If you’re losing on the trade, stretch it out or close in.

8. Keep it fresh – re-fresh and re-load anytime you make a mistake or miss.

9. Mix it up – forward pressure boxing, leaning back and flash kicks, side step and cheeky shot, trap, stick and move. Single style fighters eventually get beat. Use your imagination and throw it all in.

10. Never give up – don’t be complacent if you’re wining and don’t lose heart if you’re losing. The tide can always turn.

11. Fight every second. Keep the pace up and be busy

12. Win!