2012 Programme

I have now set the programme, based on feedback from members. I have cut down on the number of seminars but organised them so that there is still something every month.

  1. The Self Defence Seminar will now also include weapons defence (knives, sticks, bottles, chains etc) for regulars/repeat members taken from the brown stripe syllabus. There will still be a theory element to it which will be aimed to beginners/new members, but it will be shorter in length.
  2. The stick and knife seminar have been combined to a Weapons Seminar, which will be divided half between the two, with elements of the brown stripe and black belt syllabus.
  3. The Grappling Seminar will be done on a Thursday in Studio 1. Its not ideal as we won’t have access to the padded room at Cobra, but the feedback was that weekends weren’t popular, so we shall have to make do with the blue matts. This will draw in elements of the blue stripe/brown/black syllabus as before.
  4. The special classes on the 3rd Anniversary and Closing Session will continue to give you a taster of some of the advanced elements of Bushin such as trapping, ki work, pressure points, dirty boxing etc.


Some of the dates may move around depending on bookings and my personal commitments. Upcoming events over the next 3 months are always shown at the bottom of the webpage. The provisional schedule will look like this. If you ever need to confirm dates when booking holidays etc., please just ask….

  • Jan 5 – First class back
  • Feb 9 – Self Defence Seminar
  • Mar 4 – Grading
  • Apr 5 – Grappling Seminar
  • May 3 – Sparring Seminar
  • June 10 – Grading
  • July 5 – Weapons Seminar
  • Sept 2 – Grading
  • Sept 13 – Self Defence Seminar
  • Oct 18 – 3rd Anniversary (Special Class)
  • Dec 2 – Grading
  • Dec 13 – Closing Session (Special Class)

I hope you will be pleased with the programme. We can always look to change it at a later stage if we get interest to do something differently. I look forward to another enjoyable year. Please do your best to attend the seminar…I’m sure you will get a lot out of them!