Grapple, Defend & Grade

G&G Seminar – This Sunday 6th Nov

Reminder: We have our grappling and groundwork seminar this Sunday 2-3.30pm in Cobra Gym. This time we shall be focusing on pure groundwork taking mainly elements of BJJ to work on positions of strength and set up some submissions. We shall placing less emphasis on the self defence side of things this time to work on some technical drills to get the muscle memory working. Then of course spar it all in to make sure it works. Bring your spare set of lungs!

Free Self Defence Tasters – 19th/20th Nov

On Saturday and Sunday 19/20th November we shall be running two free self defence tasters. 4-5pm in Studio 1. Invite your family, friends and colleagues to have a go! For those going for grading it will be a chance to get some extra practise in too. We shall be running our usual stand in the foyer on Saturday from 12-4pm to give out some flyers and try to recruit some newbies. Please let me know if you are able to help out…the more the merrier!

Grading – 4th Dec

Apologies but I’ve had to put the grading back to its original date of Sunday 4th December, 2-5pm. We shall be spending most of November practising for it, so those who are going for it, start putting the effort in now.


Three’s a Crowd

Great session last night at our second year anniversary. Working on controlling an opponent across the back and along the front with elbow pick-ups, face slaps and clinches. It’s always important to have good control, making sure you are in a strong position while your opponent is weakened with their balance or structure broken. Then we moved on to adding in guillotines, body locks and reverse takedowns using pressure points. One of many ways to apply painful locks in stand-up fighting without having to resort to trying to catch an arm. Finally we added in the odd punch, elbow or knee for good measure, to add insult to injury.

The next stage was throwing it all in a 2-on-1 sparring situation…with emphasis on positioning and strategy. It’s always important to keep one in the middle and use them as your shield and weapon. Usually resigning themselves to being passive in this situation, you can use one person to your advantage…blocking, locking, tying them up and battering them in the process. 2-on-1 is an advanced but very useful way of training, learning how to cope with the inevitable multiple opponents. It’s something a lot of good fighters struggle with because it’s far more about footwork and position than it is about pure skill. When I did my black belt in Tae Kwon Do I saw a lot of guys try to fight both opponents (and inevitably lose), rather than employing tactics to minimise effort and maximise effect.

Whatever your level this is really great way to train: challenging, tiring and exhilarating as your skills, fitness and concentration are all tested. We try to practise it even at a junior level in Bushin to give you an early feel of how you might react in a multiple opponent street situation. Also, it’s damn good fun!

We rounded off the evening with a visit to our favourite Brazilian restaurant. A fight we all lost to the endless attack of meat skewers. Despite the best efforts of some of the seniors, its one fighting situation we are yet to win!

Bushin 2nd Year Anniversary

Bushin was officially launched on 15th October 2009, as a culmination of over 25 years hard work in the arts. It has been a rip-roaring success so far. In fact it has grown quicker than any club I’ve run before and well ahead of my initial expectations with nearly 35 full members plus a whole pile of beginners. Thank you all for your help and support so far. I look forward to continuing the success further with you all!

7.30pm, Thursday October 13th: To celebrate the second year anniversary of Bushin, we will do what we do best – fighting and eating! We will be kicking off with a special session with some advanced Bushin techniques to work up an appetite. Afterwards, by popular demand, we will be going to our favourite Brazilian restaurant around the corner: Please join us!

As with any anniversary do, we shall end the meal with cake! Fiona (The Fugitive) has picked out this one: If everyone who is going along chucks £2-3 into the pot we can get a nice cake to round off the eating fest too, but the size will depend on how many people are going and how much we raise together beforehand.

If you want to go for the meal, please let Jason know either in class or via the Facebook event then he can get a table booked closer to the date.

See you then!

Defend Yourself! – Our third Self Defence Seminar

Worried about personal safety? Can you defend yourself? On Thursday 6th October, we shall be hosting our third Self Defence Seminar.

The facts are compelling. According to the British Crime Survey, there were around 2.2 million incidents of violent crime reported last year, although this is probably much higher as only around a third is actually reported. 20% of all crime in the UK is attributable to violent crime, with Westminster Borough in London having the highest percentile (270 per 1,000 persons). Half of these involve an injury to the victim and 20% with a weapon. In 2010 a teenager was stabbed and killed in a gang attack at Victoria station, two minutes from our centre. The risk of becoming a victim of a crime is about 1 in 4 people.

The general public perceives their area to be safer than it actually is and that crime is on the rise, especially knife and gun crime. A lot of people are concerned about personal safety but don’t do anything about it. The facts show how important personal safety is. This is not being able to bring your attacker down with a flick of the wrist like Bruce Lee, but having the awareness and preparation to know what to do when put into a situation of potential violence. Would you fight or take flight?

The seminar will be from 7.30-9pm on Thursday 6th October in Studio 1 at the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria. The cost will be £15 (£10 for repeating members). The seminar will cover the theory and practical application of personal safety, awareness and basic self defence techniques. No need to book, just wear your normal clothes and turn up! Look forward to seeing you there.