Rolling in a Corridor

Great Bushin session last night.

Corridor sparring using distance work, fighting while moving forwards and backwards. All in 2d when in a tight space so you don’t have the luxury of lateral movement like yoke. Really challenging to do.

Then did some angle of attack tag sparring for the beginners and a bit of groundwork for the rest, working on submissions…americana, chokes, guillotines.

Finally seiho – accupressure massage on the back to work out the kinks.

Lots of smiles all round…

London Riots: Class On

The class will be on tonight, despite the London riots. The Queen Mother Sports Centre is monitoring the situation, so will be a good idea to check the website or centre before you leave to make sure the class is still on. If you are unsure of your safety then play it safe. However, as long as the center is open, I will make sure I’m there to teach the class as normal. I will not let stupidity triumph…

Addendum Post Class:
Strange night tonight. Streets empty, forgot my gi for the second time in 26 years but a nearly full class despite the riots. Had a great class so thanks to everyone that turned up. Sanity triumphant over adversity. Really well done all and stay safe.