Swing like a Axe, Jab like a Bee

Great session last night. Just a real simple session of working the jab (jun zuki) and low thai kick (gedan geri). A good, quick jab is usually what wins you a fight, particularly on the street. However, in sparring it’s important to make sure the a jab is never just a jab. You need to curve your body round into a blade to change the different angle of
attack and make it very difficult for your opponent to counter. Plus you need to vary the way you execute it…change the angle, distance, speed and timing. Sometimes as a double combo, sometimes as a single stinging power punch. Most important is to keep busy, constantly pumping the jab out and buzzing in your opponents face like a bee.

In order to protect against a “jabber” you need to change you normal fighting stance (gamae) to have your hand covering your face in a baseball-like catching action. Keep slipping and dodging laterally using yoke to make sure you are not a standing target. Move your feet constantly to keep you out of the line of fire.

Gedan geri is our stock kick of choice. It works brilliantly against the drunk on the street and brilliantly in the dojo. When executing against the jab you need to combine with yoke, leaning to the side and back out of jabbing line. Make sure you keep turning your support leg so your hips and body weight are behind the kick. It’s not about bruising your
opponents thigh…it’s about hitting the weak point and getting their leg to fold. Look for timing and speed of execution but delivery with power and venom.

The defence against the low kick is 5-fold: move back, step back, stop kick (toma geri), knee block (hiza geri) or crush. All work in their own individual ways although I find the step back and hiza geri are the best to counter punch with. Again you can bring the jab back in as your leading counter punch which, if you get the timing right, is pretty
much a guaranteed show stopper.

The irony of the jab and low kick is they are the best defence against each other. So it makes a great way to do fixed sparring…looking to score and counter and the same time. Working the jab and swinging the low kick while slipping, stepping and countering. It’s a great way to work the high line (jodan) and low line (gedan) with your legs and arms running their own races. Give it a shot!

Ki Seminar, Photos & Hoodies

Don’t forget the Ki Seminar this Thursday 7th July. “Ki”, or internal energy, is an integral and advanced part of Bushin training that takes your skills to a new level. In the seminar, we shall be practising, hard, soft and explosive ki variants and having another go at “ki sparring”, unique only to Bushin. Plus if we have time some sensitivity drills and healing work. Be there or miss out!

I finally have a quote for the Bushin hoodies…they will be around £40-45 each, depending how many we get. We are doing them in black with white embroided Bushin logo on front and kanji on back as per our t-shirt. They will look great. If you want one please let me know ASAP and your size (see below). I may be able to get women’s fit but some of you said you didn’t need it.

Size Chest (to fit)
S – 36″ M – 38/40″ L – 42″ XL – 44/46″ 2XL – 48″

Lastly, we completed the second part of the photoshoot this weekend as part of the website re-build this year. Have a look at the Bushin Flickr account for a teaser of some of the unedited shots (via the website link on the homepage)….Paul the photographer took some of the best shots I’ve seen in the last 25 years. Big thank you to him.