Take it the Mat: G&G Seminar #3

Take it the Mat: G&G Seminar #3 – Sunday 8th 2pm

Don’t forget the grappling and groundwork seminar next Sunday 8th May. It will be at 2pm in the Cobra Gym downstairs, to make use of the mats. This is the third instalment and we shall focus more on juho waza (soft techniques or grappling)…learning the basic control methods particularly with head clinch work and defence against body and leg tackles. We shall use the opportunity to get in some good stand-up grappling sparring, with throws and takedowns to practise on bridging the gap between stand-up and groundwork. The focus, as always, will be on the basics of grappling and groundwork from a self defence standpoint, not traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) rolling. The seminar will draw in elements of BJJ, Japanese Jujutsu, Thai and Filipino boxing put into a context of self defence. Hard work, but great fun so don’t miss it!

Bushin Titan Takes a Break

As most of you know, Olly Jevons will be moving to New Zealand for a year or so. He is going to help re-build the infrastructure in Auckland, following the earthquake. I’m sure it will be an exciting and very interesting project. I lived and worked abroad for a number of years…it’s a great experience for anyone to do.

I’ve known Olly for a number of years, ever since the old Southampton University Shorinji Kempo club days, where he was a veteran first dan black belt. Olly has been a staunch supporter of Bushin and the most regular student since its inception. He was basically my first student, reflected by his membership number two. In the early days there were a number of sessions where Olly received personal 1-to-1 tuition because he was the only one there! His dedication has been unbounding. He set up the website and has assisted me in instruction when I was travelling.

Unfortunately there isn’t any Bushin in Auckland but there are a number of good martial clubs so I’m sure Olly will keep his hand in…he’s an avid fitness fanatic at worst. Olly has been instrumental in developing some the finer points of the Bushin syllabus and his skill is at a very high level. If he isn’t giving someone a good fight, he is pounding out the press ups. He was aptly named once as the Bushin Titan…his presence in the class will be sorely missed.

Following a successful few farewell drinks and meal, Olly’s last session at the club will be Tuesday 3rd May. If you want to say goodbye, make sure you are there!