Body & Soul (CityAM)

New press article in City AM on Cailey Barker and Bushin:
“Bushin (Martial Spirit), Barker’s venture, is based upon a mixed martial arts style which he developed himself, incorporating the usual self-defence focused combat techniques with meditation, massage and “internal energy” exercises to develop the mind, body and spirit as a whole. ”People think martial arts are akin to Alex Reid-style cage fighting but they’re not – all of them have their roots in self defence, which is so important in London, says Barker”. Victoria Bates, CityAM, Sept 2010

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Self Defence Seminar – 7 Oct

Worried about personal safety? Can you defend yourself? We are delighted to present to you a Self Defence Seminar by Bushin.

The facts are compelling. According to the British Crime Survey, there were around 2.2 million incidents of violent crime reported last year, although this is probably much higher as only around a third is actually reported. 20% of all crime in the UK is attributable to violent crime, with Westminster Borough in London having the highest percentile (270 per 1,000 persons). Half of these involve an injury to the victim and 20% with a weapon. Earlier this year a teenager was stabbed and killed in a gang attack at Victoria station, two minutes from our centre. The risk of becoming a victim of a crime is about 1 in 4 people.

The general public perceives their area to be safer than it actually is and that crime is on the rise, especially knife and gun crime. A lot of people are concerned about personal safety but don’t do anything about it. The facts show how important personal safety is. This is not being able to bring your attacker down with a flick of the wrist like Bruce Lee, but having the awareness and preparation to know what to do when put into a situation of potential violence. Would you fight or take flight?

The seminar will be from 7.30-9.30pm on Thursday 7th October in Studio 1 at the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria. The cost will be £15 (£10 members). The 2 hour seminar will cover the theory and practical application of personal safety, awareness and basic self defence techniques. It will be run by Sensei Cailey Barker, the founder of Bushin and a highly professional instructor with over 25 years experience in martial arts. No need to book, just wear your normal clothes and turn up!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Bushin First Year Anniversary

Bushin was officially launched on 15th October 2009, as a culmination of 25 years hard work in the arts. It has been a rip-roaring success so far. In fact it has grown quicker than any club I’ve run before and well ahead of my initial expectations with nearly 25 full members. Thank you all for your help and support so far. I look forward to continuing the success further with you all!

7.30pm, Thursday October 14th: To celebrate the first year anniversary of Bushin, we will do what we do best – fighting and eating! We will be kicking off with a special session with some advanced Bushin techniques to work up an appetite. Afterwards, by popular demand, we will be going to our favourite Brazilian restaurant around the corner:

Please join us!

Ki Sparring

Thanks to all of you that attended the Ki Seminar last Thursday. It was a great success and seemed to be enjoyed by all. The highlight was the trialling of “ki sparring”, a new principle of applying the different types of ki into your sparring. This method is unique to Bushin and a culmination of many years work and study. It can be applied to goho (hard techniques) and juho (grapppling). While not easy to achieve it is an extremely effective way to fight and defend yourself, as proved on the day by the seminar attendees. Keep practising it!

We shall be hosting another Ki Seminar early next year.