Stick it to ‘Em

Stick Seminar: Next Thursday – 29th May at 7.30pm (studio 1 downstairs)
The nyoi-bo (literally “control stick”) is an ideal weapon of self defence and an integral part of the Bushin syllabus. Applied in the right fashion it can be a devastating way to incapacitate an attacker, especially against those armed with a weapon. The seminar shall focus on basic attack and defence techniques, mainly drawing on elements of Kali and Shorinji Kempo. After learning the basics, angles of attack and simple drills we shall be sparring it all in as usual to make sure it works!

Please bring along a stick and eye goggles if you have them. If not, don’t worry as I should have plenty of supplies.

Please join us!

Grading Congratulations

Huge congratulations to our new white stripes and yellow belts that graded on Thursday!! The standard was high and you all did well. Most notable was the ability in sparring. For white belts to be able to cope with 2-on-1 sparring at such an early stage is no mean feat and testament to the training ethic of Bushin. Keep it up!
Photos to follow….

Community Day 22nd May – Postponed

On Saturday 22nd May, the Queen Mother Sports Centre is hosting a community day for clubs and activities at the centre. Bushin is one of the few clubs that has been specially selected to showcase our unique style to prospective students. The full details are yet to be announced but expected to run from 11am to 7pm.

UPDATE ** Unfortunately the Community day has been postponed until July/ August. The centre wants to involve more families so wants to hold it during school holiday time. The next open day will be around the 15th June. I’ll let you know when I have more details.