Seminar: Shake, Grapple & Roll

Grappling & Groundwork Seminar: Next Tuesday – March 30th at 8pm (Studio 2 upstairs)
Grappling and groundwork are an essential part of self defence. Being on the ground is not an ideal position in the context of street defence, particularly against multiple attackers and/or weapons. However, it is vitally important to know what to do if an attacker tries to take you to ground and how to defend yourself if you end up there. As they say, a lot of fights end up on the floor, including the more serious physical and sexual assaults.

In this seminar we shall focus on the basics of grappling and groundwork from a self defence standpoint, not traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) rolling. We shall concentrate on takedowns and their defences, basic groundwork positions, plus defences, escapes and some submissions. The seminar will draw in elements of BJJ, Japanese Jujutsu, Thai and Filipino boxing put into a context of self defence.

Please join us!

Bushin in Action

I’ve uploaded a pile of videos to our YouTube account showing some short and light hearted clips from the class and the kiko seminar. Click the icon the on the left or follow this link  Thanks very much to Jolly’s steady hand. If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly advise you have a look at the promo video too as it been kicking up a storm!

More to follow…

Bushin Upgraded

  1. Promo video. We have a new promo video which shows a typical class. Check out the link onYouTube or on the gallery page. Many thanks to the talented Ezra…I’m sure you’ll agree it is top drawer stuff and captures the high energy of our class perfectly. Let us know what you think?
  2. LinkedIn. Also we now have a group on LinkedIn if you want to join. Here is the link or you can click it through the icon on the left.
  3. Website facelift. Finally, we’ve made a few tweaks to the website. Just a slight re-branding to better reflect what we are really about: traditional MMA, self defence and mind-body-spirit. Sign up on the left to get the regular updates and posts! (it takes a few seconds to do). 
  4. Sub-site. We also have another sub-site, mainly to get self defence courses up and running. Just a basic site at the moment, but you are welcome to have a look.

Open Day – 15 March 2010

On Monday 15th March, the Queen Mother Sports Centre is hosting an open day for clubs and activities at the centre. Bushin is one of the few clubs that has been specially selected to showcase our unique style to prospective students. The day will run from 11am to 7pm.

We will have a stand and demo/tryout area at the entrance to the centre so you can chat to us or even get involved and have a go. We will also have a prize draw and a few competitions to try if you fancy your hand at winning a prize. Plus two short demonstrations: around 1pm and 6pm. Come and see the masters in action!

If you fancy coming along to find out more about Bushin, have a tryout, or even to just say hello, then please join us!

Update – Congratulations to our two winners: Mr. Dummer for the prize draw and Ms. Champ for the punching competition, who both won two weeks training for free. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, you can still come along for your free lesson and try out the class.

Finally, a big thank you to all those that took part on the day and helped out with the stand. It was a great success. I shall post some pictures later. Hope you enjoyed the extra training and looking forward to the next one.

Grading Congratulations to our four new yellow stripes

Huge congratulations to our four new yellow stripes who graded on Thursday: Olly, Ezra, Cheryl & Jason.

Everyone passed with flying colours and we are very proud of you all. The months of practise and preparation paid off with a high standard set for the very first Bushin grading. Of particular note was the strong randori (sparring) at the end, where the movements flowed and the techniques followed. This was testament to the Bushin way of emphasising practical fighting….sparring techniques in from the onset, without getting too hung up on basics. While this is only the first step on the Bushin ladder, it is important one as it cements the foundations and fundamentals for the whole art. Well done!

The next grading will be in 3 months time on the 3rd of June.