Knife Defence Seminar

Xmas Special Session – Knife Defence. To celebrate the successful launch of Bushin, I shall be running a special Christmas session on knife defence. It is open to all. I shall go through the basic guards, defences and counters and, if we have time, some simple knife strips and traps. The session will be at 8pm on Tuesday 15th December (Studio 2 upstairs) at the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria.

If you have a practise knife and eye goggles, then please bring them along. I will have plenty of spares for those without and if you want to buy one please let me know.

To see in the end of year, we shall continue the session afterwards at our local pub, the Willow Walk, a few doors down. I shall reserve an area and menus should be available for those that want to sample the local food.

Open Day 11th November

On Wednesday 11th November, the Queen Mother Sports Centre is hosting an open day for all clubs and activities at the centre. Bushin has a stall in the foyer to showcase our unique style to prospective students.

If you fancy coming along to find out more about Bushin or even to just say hello, then please join us!

Bushin Opening Night

The Bushin opening night demonstration was a rip-roaring success!! Held on October 15, 2009 at the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria, we had over 30 attendees and lots of interest. Thanks very much to all those that came along and helped out. Check out the videos below and the photos in the gallery